Will populism over-power liberalism?

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With Trump in power and Putin having just won another election, it’s not hard to see why many people think populism is a fast track to power in politics.

I mean Trump can change his stance, like a metronome changes which way it leans. Though if you look carefully you will notice that certain views are always aligned with the mindset of the middle class and struggling families.

Why? Populism is a numbers game…

Recently he extended his support for the UK in recent tension between the British and the Russians, but then he goes and congratulates Putin for winning the Russian election again.

This is nuts…We agree this is nuts; at least I think so.

Or perhaps Trump is playing some sort of mind game, but I think we can all agree that trying that with a major superpower is a big gamble; even by his standards.

Putin is also a populist, while he has secured and solidified his position at the top of the ranks of the countries elites; he still used populism to maintain power.

And speaking of populism, have you seen the recent Italian elections. Yep, that’s right… Berlusconi is back in the political sphere.

The reality is that populism is giving the common individual, what they believe is what they want.

Isn’t that democracy you ask?

Why yes it is.

The reason populists get elected though is that too many idealistic leaders have tried to rush an idealistic scenario.

It sounds nice…. but while ideals are nice in theory and wonderful in personal practice; trying to enforce them is a road to self-destruction.

And so returns the age of the populist….. Happy new year.

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