US, UK and France launch airstrikes on Syria….and Russia ain’t happy.


Sabres out and first blood has been drawn.

We have another war on our hands, and to be honest I’m not surprised. I mean let’s be honest, 


….who needs a war for the American economy…you know their economy can’t survive without a good fight going on… So what’s happened here? While some people have said,

didn’t Trump want to get along with Putin? he said so during his presidential campaign…. he even congratulated Putin on his last electoral victory.

Yes, those are all true. I think the reason might be as follows:

While Trump had previously been going off on Twitter at the North Korean Dictator, their spiralling descent to chaos took a sudden U-turn when Trump accepted an invitation to meet with Kim Jung-un. The world was momentarily stunned. (1)
Article on TRUMP meeting KIM JUNG-UN

Could it happen?!

Two of the biggest hotheads in the world.


Could they actually manage to blow off enough steam at each other, that they would be able to both sit at the table and cut the bullshit to sort it out? It might look that way. The reason being that Trump needs a war for his economy and with a chance for diplomatic victory for the history books…

…becoming the first US president to meet a leader of North Korea…

 Trump needs to point his barrel elsewhere.  Theresa May was conveniently having a big disagreement with Russia, so it was only too easy to shift the aim to Putin. Trump’s choice was simple, the ally they have a good history with or the country who they have been on difficult terms with and have a history of being enemies. Is his choice surprising? …No…

On to Theresa May?

Article on how Uk – Russian Ties don’t look good.

If she took Russia’s side on the Syria situation, all her credibility will be lostthe public sentiment being “what little credibility she has”… In a press conference, she tried to explain how they took a limited amount of action because the had a window of opportunity with a short time duration. Though the truth is that the UK is trying to send a message to Putin. The Russian Spy incident is, of course, a looming shadow over all the currently ongoing activity that might relate to the UK and Russia working side by side. The incident itself triggering a massive recall of diplomats to their respective countries, in and out of Russia. Many people felt a lot of concern as the ties continue to degrade.

What about Macron?

Well in case you didn’t know; before Macron entered a political career, he was an investment banker.

What does that spark in my head?

Image source.

The man is a businessman. He was affiliated prior to his presidency, with a social liberal political party. So what does Macron care about? Pushing his country to progress in a business-like manner; meaning it has to be semi-profitable to pump back into social efforts such as social benefits. ….At least that’s what I think…

So why the airstrike? Well, Macron might be a socialist liberal who believes in progressive multiculturalism but his business nature won’t let him sit by and watch his company(France), get attacked from within. The strike in Syria is simply a gateway to get more troops on the ground there and go after the heart of terrorism(or so they perhaps will say soon). Not to mention that with the UK approaching Brexit; that leaves Macron with a big problem, he made big promises about those still sitting in Calais but they will soon not be allowed to cross into English territory and will not leave him with the washed hands he wished for. So he has supported the UK to maintain better relations with them.


So after a lot of big talk … such as Moscow warning “actions will not be left without consequences” , nothing has actually happened. Many people finding it odd that Russia seems to have backed down. In public, they claim to be very angry and have called the strikes as an act of aggression but I think the Russian’s seem pretty relieved. 

The New York Times reported :

If anything, the Kremlin may have been somewhat pleased, albeit secretly, that the United States had hit targets well away from the primary areas of Russian control, one analyst suggested.

Image Source

In reality, I think Putin had to maintain a tone of aggression, so as to maintain his current level of influence and maintain his support for Assad. The reality is that the Russians have a powerful anti-missile defence system in Syria, but they didn’t even turn it on during the strikes.

In fact, they didn’t have to, because none of the targeted areas in the strike wherein Russian interest zones.

So where does it leave us? Putin has taken the peaceful route as he pushes for a UN council meeting and a summit with Trump.



Whatever the individual real goals may be, it will perhaps seem that this airstrike was simply the overture to the next act of the Syrian theatre of war.

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