Some say liberalism, some hear militant.


While liberalism has deep values of tolerance and peace enjoying unity, not everyone hears these values because they are too busy being scared to even ask a question.

It’s not that we don’t agree with the message, but when people are seen in force and do not make the effort to even seem to be approachable; people can be slightly put off.

…..”It’s not that the protesters won’t talk to us because they actually don’t let us respond to anything they claim, it’s that we cant ask questions”…..

The scary part is that the above are sentiments seen by many who could be sort of classified as the undecided masses. These are the people who are used to the old methods which they lived with but are not opposed to the new ideas. These aren’t the people you want to be pushing away. Let’s not forget that it’s not the first time that when protests or marches have happened, they leave a wake of damage which alienates business owners who could have been potential supporters or contributors to the cause.

And it has to be said, one of the biggest contributing factors to somebody like Trump to be elected or BREXIT happening is methods employed by many liberal movements during their protests.

How many times have we heard of a social justice march turning into a riot?
That is not a successful protest, criminal activity is looked down upon by the state as it should be, and guess what?

When what should have been a civilized and legal protest to signify that a strong part of the country was not in agreement with their democratically elected representatives( ….hint, if you can be elected in, then you can be elected out), and then disband in an orderly fashion without the need for intervention by police, instead results in criminal acts; that is not a successful protest.

If a group cannot produce legal and orderly methods of protest, then a legal system should not take them seriously. The method is longer, but certainly safer and done with greater care(pedantic yes, but still safer)

I really hope that the powers at the head of many liberal movements stop trying to fight the system, and instead work with it to achieve a real change.
The reason I say this because there is still a large mass of people that are accustomed to the old manner; what are you going to do? Put them all in prison?

………..hears the whisper “mass detainment much” ………..

It’s ridiculous, try as you might but a violent approach toward a subject has very often an adverse effect.
People say you should recycle and some people say you should help the environment, I say to hell with all of that and first :


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