Enough with the lies…

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.
Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

What do we do when people find the truth offensive. USE IT MORE OFTEN.

Specific social groups are pushing forward ideas that are preposterous but they build them on the foundation of good causes. GOOD CAUSES like the elimination of racism, equal rights between men and women or rights for the LGBTIQ are being used as a shield to push forward ideas that defy logic or reason. This is called extremism and extremism in any form is dangerous. Extremism encourages some very strong emotions of anger or fear and these can easily turn to violence. 

Many people, however, are very quick to think that social justice warriors are not violent because they advocate inclusion, peace and understanding. The reality is that the principles they advocate are on their terms and not terms that are necessarily fair on both sides of the spectrum. An example of this is what Luvvie Ajayi wrote in her book called I’m Judging you: The Do-Better Manual. Now, most of the book starts off with some very reasonable points and I was enjoying it. The writer, however, turns to discuss racism and I was happy to continue reading and see someone else’s perspective on the subject. The experience turned a little sour when the writer expresses that she feels that eliminating racism and pushing for equality isn’t enough. She felt that certain ethnic groups should be given great advantages to “catch up” with whites. I felt that this was preposterous as it meant she wanted to go back to the time of slavery with the roles reversed. The statement alone shocked me as this would not solve problems but it would simply shift them from one ethnicity to another.  It is ironic that someone who fights against racism proposes a racist solution.

Now to jump back on how many social justice warriors do in fact turn to violence, one only needs to look at the riots when Donald Trump was sworn in on the 20th of January. What they claimed to be protests where actually violent riots that caused a large amount of damage to innocent businesses. A peaceful protest would have given a positive message that would also have earned respect for those protesting Trump winning but instead affirmed to those that were in his favour that they had made the right choice.

To quickly summarize all of the above but certainly not conclude, Liberal is the new norm while conservative is the wild card in a similar way that hippies were frowned upon in the 1960s by the rest of society.



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