Conservatives take cover.

Take Cover

That’s right. You read that right. If you are conservative, then you better take cover because nowadays, you are everyone’s target. This is regardless if you are right or fair in your views, argument or perspective; if it’s conservative, well then you better take cover.


Now personally I don’t lean towards either the left or the right as I feel that both sides can make good points on a variety of issues. However, as time goes on people are being forced into a position of choice similar to picking sides on a battlefield. While neither of these sides is indicating or hinting a Us against them attitude; the truth can hardly be clearer. Blind and extreme liberalism is winning this fight against logic and reason in a more sinister way than people realize. It’s not the mass protests or rioting and demanding change but rather these smaller victories that are slowly building into a very big one.

An example of this was the situation when a homosexual couple approached bakers to make a wedding cake for them, the bakers refused and explained that due to their Catholic beliefs they would be unable to make the cake as they felt it would seem like he was condoning their sexuality which was frowned up by his religion. Allow me first to explain that I think the bakers made the first mistake by declining to make the cake. A decision like that is a bad business choice as they were only being requested to do their job and the couple were customers that would have paid for the product just like everyone else.  Mixing something so personal like a religion with work is something that I do not agree with. Professionalism dictates that personal feelings must be put aside. Now I previously mentioned small victories, and what happened next to the bakers was a clear example of one. The two gentlemen who requested the cake could have simply taken their business elsewhere but instead, they put the story out there and the bad publicity swarmed in like a pack of angry rats. Media representatives and journalists portrayed the bakers as homophobic, discriminatory and bigoted. My concern, however, is the bakers were so viciously attacked because they followed the Catholic faith; and at the same time, I must ask… if they were of a different religion, would they have been subjected to the same amount of hate?


Much like one would build a wall in a brick by brick manner, extreme liberals are succeeding by taking small victories and consolidating them. In a previous post, I discussed how feelings vs logic are usually ending up.

To continue a little on that I now wish to discuss the perspective of a conservative.

Nowadays we hear a lot about how many minorities are still being oppressed by a select few. The select few oppressors in question usually have no common denominator or affiliation aside from being considered to be lunatics or driven by an intolerant attitude after the said incidents of hate perpetrated.

In a stark contrast to this, whenever a so-called minority commits a similar hate crime, then the world will act shocked for a brief moment, and then quietly forget. This is not just a natural absence of memory, this is a forceful deletion of events so as to avoid being stamped with another label of subtly trying to incite anger or separatism.


I personally have had my patience run very thin while listening to the so-called minorities whine, pout and complain because, at this present time, the minorities have become the majority as a collective in their message that they are the oppressed. I am personally not a racist or a bigot. I prefer dialogue and discussion so that all can understand but instead, I see people being shouted down or labelled by crazies or the real conservatives must in some instances speak in hushed tones out of fear of retribution.

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