Is the educational system ruining books? Well the libraries are empty….


Is the educational system ruining books? 

As time progresses I notice that many people are turning away from books at a very young age, especially around the age of 14-18. Around this time a lot of teenagers are exposed to literature at schools and many describe the books they are instructed to read as boring or uninteresting. Speaking for myself I endured lectures about Macbeth and Wilfred  Owen’s war poetry.

In all honesty I didn’t like them (self pontificating book “experts” gasp).

Are you Shocked?! 

Why are you shocked? That is the beauty of the art of literature, especially art in general. It’s not going to be loved by everyone, art is supposed to be daring, bold and beautiful to the individual. It is the fact that not everyone likes it that makes it special to some people in the first place. A lot of high and mighty people choose the curriculum for literature but I don’t think they are choosing it in such a way that actually draws people to books. I think it’s sad to be honest. Millions of teenagers are turning away from books because they are under the subconscious impression that all books are like the ones they consider to be boring at school. Maybe we should let people try to choose their own books to write or discuss instead of telling them what to like. At least if they enjoy the content of a book it will motivate them to pick up another…and another and so on and so forth.


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